Who we are

We are CAP, we live in Nova Scotia and we have a compelling vision! We want to put our community first and demonstrate that as a community, we have the tools to dream bigger then ever before! In today's society, it has become the cultural norm to have alcohol be a part of common activites and celebrations.

CAP Terms of Reference.

We aim to prove that you do not need to associate a good time with a drink. We want our youth to be the focal point of this movement, and therefore we are asking them to find their voice and speak up about their feelings towards alcohol. We want to provide to them alternative ways to have fun and not feel like they are being singled out. It is crucial to have readily availible resoures and information to those who want help or know someone who may need it. We want to shift the culture and put youth first, because they are our future!

It takes a COMMUNITY to raise AWARENESS

It is important to understand that we do not believe in the banning of alcohol - we want to encourage responibility associated with drinking so we can reduce the harms associated with alcohol. It's about a community coming together and changing myths to realities. We need to be eductaed on what the issues are that are effecting our youth and address them as a community, versus treating them as individual problems. It can take decades to shift a culture, so we need to start with our young people in efforts to shape future generations.

We want to explore the possibilities of what coming together as a community really means for our future. We are working with parents, politicians and decision makers to expand our beliefs and goals for all Kings and Annapolis communities. When you work together, you build a stronger community and when you strive for something great, amazing things will happen!