Community Alcohol Partnership

Terms of Reference

These terms of reference (TOR’s) will be used as a guide during the launching of the CAP and are expected to evolve and be modified over time as circumstances demand and as the core committee deems necessary.


To shift the culture of alcohol in Kings and Annapolis Counties.


To reduce the harms related to the misuse of alcohol in Kings and Annapolis Counties.


"We want to live and work in a place where people can thrive, where they can feel fulfilled in their work, play and interpersonal relationships, and where the responsible consumption of alcohol can be enjoyed without compromising the health, well being or safety of oneself or others.

We don’t want to live and work in a place where people argue, fight and get hurt, and sexually harass or assault one another. We don’t want to live in an environment where people’s rights to freedom of choice and freedom of expression are ignored or ridiculed, their academic success is compromised, and where property is damaged or put into a state of disrepair as a result of individual choices tainted by the over consumption of alcohol. "

To create a vibrant and successful community free of harms related to our culture of alcohol use.

We believe in a progressive, prosperous, safe and healthy community. To this end, we will work together collaboratively and in sustainable ways toward achieving our purpose, mission and vision.

Guiding Principles

The aims of the committee will be to:

  • Strengthen the broad well-being of community
  • Base the work on a model of best practices
  • Encourage and support collaboration in design and delivery


The values chosen to guide our committee work include transparency, respect, integrity and unity. These values will be modeled and communicated in our interactions with each other.

The lack of hidden agendas accompanied by full disclosure of information required for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making. Transparency breeds trust. It embodies honesty and open communication.
Accepting the equal worth of all people including the right of each person to their beliefs, coupled with the desire to understand the context and origins of those beliefs without prejudice.
Congruence between what the committee stands for and how the committee acts. Committee members will display honesty, sincerity and fulfill commitments.
Being united as a whole through consensus decision making. It instills a notion of oneness and provides for harmony and agreement.

Decision Making

The consensus making model will be used when decisions are required. This means that discussions will shape the decisions toward a consensus. Consensus will allow for one person to oppose the decision (stand aside). This person can have his/her name recorded if it is his/her wish but he/she will be required to support the consensus decision once it is reached. If two or more people chose to oppose consensus there will be no decision on the presenting issue.